Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells have been an exciting topic of interest in medicine for many years. Lots of people are hoping that breakthroughs in stem cell therapy will help to cure serious diseases and other conditions that have remained difficult to treat. This could lead to possibly even reshaping the entire field of medicine as we know it now. As a result of this excitement, there are some out there who grossly exaggerate the potential benefit of stem cells. In addition, they may charge thousands and thousands of dollars for procedures without any evidence of proven benefit. It is critical to know when, how, and if stem cell therapy can help you before proceeding with one of these treatments.

Of note, there are various forms of stem cells that are derived from different parts of the body. These include bone marrow, fat, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord blood. Unfortunately, not all stem cells are the same. There is much debate about which types of stem cells are actually useful, so this is why it is so important to work with a trusted physician who can explain these differences to you and then go on to develop a treatment plan with stem cell therapy that addresses your specific condition.


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I highly recommend Dr. Bloom for anyone who is looking for a kind caring doctor. Thank you Dr. Bloom for providing the finest patient care possible!!.

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Dr. Bloom is an amazing doctor who really cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Bloom for always going above and beyond.

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Dr. Bloom is a great doctor. I went through Sepsis and my entire right side of the body got Rhabdomyolysis. He injected Botox into my arm to help open my hand. It is amazing that my hand started opening up just after three weeks. It took about eight weeks to fully open. We are going back to get Botox in my leg for the same thing. Dr. Bloom is a caring and attentive doctor! Thank you for taking such good care of me!

- Heather Z. in Oxnard, CA

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